We Are Installing And Commissioning Car Number Plate Production Line In Africa

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publisher: Honger Machine
Time: 2019-02-19
Summary: We are installing car number plates production line in Africa. The production line can make car number plates blanks. Later you will need engraving machine and hot printing machine to make the numbers manually.
We are installing and commissioning the production line for car number plates in Africa
To produce car license number plates, you will need some raw materials. They are: aluminum coils and reflective film rolls.
You will also need the machines for automatic production. They are: Decoiler Straightener 2 in 1 machine, Laminating machine, NC Servo Feeder and Press Machine (conveyor belt is optional, but suggested).
Here's a video for you to understand better
1) Car license plate production line installed in Africa
2) Introduction of the whole line in details.
HongEr Car license number plates production line is now being installed in Africa. Our production line is fully automatic, and can produce car license number plates blanks.
Here are some pictures of the car license plate blanks produced with our production line:
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