HongEr visited some of our customers' factory who have bought our GL+RNC Feeder machine in Jakarta, Indonesia

publisher: Rani Lin
Time: 2018-12-12
Summary: HongEr visited some of our customers' factory who have bought our GL+RNC Feeder machine in Jakarta, Indonesia GL-300 Decoiler Straightener 2in1 Machine RNC-300 Servo Feeder Machine
 HongEr visited some of our customers' factory who have bought our GL+RNC Feeder machine In Jakarta, Indonesia
HongEr Sales and Engineer are visit some of our clients who have bought our  machine during they are in Jakarta,Here is two factory who are used our GL (decoiler straightener 2 in 1 machine) and RNC (Servo Feeder) machine for their production line.
This clients are making the round piece like metal wafer,In his factory they used our  GL-300 (Decoiler Straightener 2in1 Machine)& RNC-300 Servo Feeder Machine and Press machine for his production line.
Client told to us he plan to add one more line soon,Also as he told now the steel materils price are going up in their market,and he required our engineer maybe making the line for him,and maybe can help he saving the materials.
Our engineer will try to design three plan for him,one line will plan to uesd the ZigZag Feeder.For saving the coil materials and reduce the scrap rate.
  GL-300+RNC-300+Press Machine For Forming Line  
This is another clients' factory in Jakarta,They also used our GL-300 (Decoiler Straightener 2in1 Machine)
& RNC-300 Servo Feeder Machine and Press machine for their forming line. 
Also discuss add an new line GL+RNC+APA press machine.
Really thanks for our clients trust and support to HongEr Machine,We are so happy that our machine are running well in your factory,We will keep and making the best solution and the good quality machine for you.
Here is some information about our GL and RNC machine for you reference.
GL is HongEr combined decoiler straightener machine.It can decoiling and straightening sheet metal coil from thickness 0.3mm to 3,mm.With pneumatic pressure on straightener roller and worm gear adjusting, it can achieve presicion straightening performance for many different kind of material.
The combined structure guarantee a synchronization between decoiler and straightener and save work space.

GL combined decoiler straightener can be found in many different product line such as oil filter production, saw blade stamping line, knives pressing line, car plate stamping etc.
RNC is one type of HongEr SERVO FEEDER with pneumatic release.It can feeds sheet metal coil material thickness up to 6.0mm, with max. feeding speed 20m/min. 
Thanks to Yaskawa servo system and Mitsubishi PLC, it can ensure +/-0.01mm feeding precision.
A mounting plate can help the servo feeder install to press machine easily.
Or you can choose a separate bracket for better stability.

RNC servo feeder can be found in many different product line such as oil filter productionsaw blade stamping lineknives pressing linecar plate stamping etc.
 For more information please check in our products categories

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