Coil Handling System ▏ Compact Decoiler Straightener Feeder 3 in 1 Machine

publisher: May Ding
Time: 2018-11-20

This is HongEr Decoiler Straightener Feeder 3 in 1 Machine GLK4-1000.

It is made for high strength material stamping. It has good straightening performance for material with yield strength 440Mpa.The coil handling equipment is capable of dealing with coil thickness 0.4mm-4.5mm, coil width up to 1000mm, coil weight 7000KG.There is optional cutting/shearing unit at the exit of the press feeding part. It helps to cut the material head and scrap.

If you are looking for solution in coil handling and press feeding system, freely contact us!

Email: export@he-machine.com

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