Honger's high accuracy servo feeder machine RNC working in client's plant

publisher: Jack
Time: 2018-05-28
Summary: Honger's RNC servo feeder machine which is suitable for 0.2-3.2mm thickness coil material feeding. By using CCS(computer controlled servo system), it can achieve high precision feeding with accuracy in 0.1 mm. It can work very well with decoiler straightener to cooperate perfectly with the pressing machine.
High performance RNC servo feeder machine working in client's plant
RNC is one type of HongEr SERVO FEEDER with pneumatic release.
It can feed sheet metal coil material thickness up to 6.0mm, with max. feeding speed 20m/min. 
By using Yaskawa servo system and Mitsubishi PLC, it can ensure +/-0.1mm feeding precision.
A mounting plate can help the servo feeder install to press machine easily.
Or you can choose a separate bracket for better stability.
RNC servo feeder machine info
The general solution for precision stamping process:
Suitable for producing products like:
Some RNC servo feeder example in other plants:
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