Honger GLK4-800H cooperating with 1000 ton pressing machine to manufacture automotive parts

publisher: Jack
Time: 2018-04-10
Decoiler Straightener Feeder 3 in 1 GLK4-800H cooperating with 1000 ton pressing machine.
Hydraulic 3 In 1 Pressing machine Nc Servo Sheet Metal Steel Coil Uncoiler Leveler Machine Decoiler Straightener Feeder GLK-H is our special series for high strength steel, this type of feeding line combines uncoiling, straightening feeding, cutting and oiling in one unit, can handle most high strength steel for automobile accessory, such as brake pad, bracket, damper, tie bar etc.
1,Working space will be minimized by innovative structure of the machine.
2,Human-computer interface is adopted to simplify operating and ease of feeding.
3,Japanese motors are adopted to guarantee high precision feeding.
4,Feeding and straightening rollers have been characterized by high hardness,good abrasion resistance and long lifespan after special heat treatment.
5,Various options are available for different sizes of punching machines and operational requirements. Special standard is also accepted.
6,Eleven working rollers have been characterized by high rigidity and high flatness.

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