RNC-300 Metal Strip High Precision Servo Feeder For Coil Feeding Line

Time: 2018-04-03
Max coil width: 300mm

Max feeding length: 9999.99mm

Coil thickness: 0.2-3.2mm

Releasing system: Pneumatic Tyoe

Feeding roller: topØ65mm,bottonØ80mm

Feeding speed: 20m/min

Servo motor: 1.3kwYaskawa,Japan

PLC: Mitsubishi,Japan

Touch screen: Weinview,Taiwan

Feeding accuracy: ±0.1mm

Servo Drives: Yaskawa,Japan
Product Description:
RNC is one type of HongEr SERVO FEEDER with pneumatic release.

It can feeds coil material from thickness 0.2mm to 3.2mm, with max. feeding speed 22m/min. 

Thanks to Yaskawa servo system and Mitsubishi PLC, it can ensure +/-0.01mm feeding precision.

A mounting plate can help the servo feeder install to press machine easily.

Or you can choose a separate bracket for better stability.
Product Application:
 RNC servo feeder can be found in many different product line such as oil filter production, saw blade stamping line, knives pressing line, car plate stamping etc. 
RNC-300 Servo Feeder Machine with KOMATSU H1F200 in the customer's factory

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