HongEr Automatic 3 In 1 Feeder with Decoiler Straightener GLK4-1000H for Auto Parts

Time: 2018-03-23

HongEr Automatic 3 In 1 Feeder with Decoiler Straightener GLK4-1000H for Auto Parts


Yield strength:≤600N/mm²
Tensile strength:≤960N/mm²
Width of material:70-1000mm
Thickness of material:0.6-6.0mm
Feeding length:9999.99mm
Coil I.D. :508mm
Coil O.D. :1400mm
Max coil weight:7000kg
Max feeding speed:16-24m/min
Feeding precision:±0.15mm
Straightener roller:Up6/Down5
Feeding roller:2pieces
Auxiliary roller:13 pieces
Pressing arm:Pneumatic Type
Uncoiler motor:3.7kw
Servo motor:15kw
Feeding line height:1200mm±100
Expansion way:Hydraulic
Feeding direction:From left to right
Pneumatic pressure:0.5MPa
Any interest, please contact: export@he-machine.com.
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