Hong-Er International-Sales Office Fifth Anniversary Celebration

Time: 2017-10-10
Hong-Er International-Sales Office Fifth Anniversary Celebration

Hong-Er Machine is the earliest one of stamping automation equipment integrated production enterprises, more than ten years cooperation with customers, we can produce more cost-effective, more durable press automation production equipment, relative to the imported brand, we only equivalent to the cost of two thirds of them even lower, plus we can provide more flexible after-sales service, it also become the customer to choose resistance to sharp key factors of mechanical products.  

Hong-Er Machine headquarters is located in Shenzhen city Guangdong province, here has the most advanced production processing equipment and scientific management system, in order to better serve customers, we have several service branches and offices in the country.

Domastic service branches are in Shenzhen,Dongguan, Wuhan, Chongqing,Tianjin,Liuzhou,Shanghai,Kunshan,Ningbo, Hongkong, Maoco,Taiwan and so on.

Our partners all over Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and other manufacturing industry developed regions, and established long-term cooperation relationship with them.

Hong-Er Machine is committed to providing cost-effective, durable press automation advanced production equipment, we adhere to honesty, technology co., will, as always, for customers to provide quality products and services.

In stamping feeding automation equipment industry, Hong-Er Machine has successfully customized thousands of sets of equipments for tens of for customers all over the world, and established long-term cooperation relationship with customers.

We are grateful for your support and help. Hong-Er will keep on trying to provide supreme service to every customer!

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