Zigzag Servo Feeder Machine Assembling For Delivery

Time: 2017-08-16
Zigzag Servo Feeder Machine Assembling For Delivery 
Feature and advantages:

● High precision: ±0.01mm

● Fast speed:20m/min.

● Suitable for material thickness :0.2-3.0mm.

● Suitable for all kinds of metal coil automatic feeding,easy to operate.

● Suitable for automatic circle sheets producing line.

● Japan servo motor, PLC and other electrical parts, with little malfunction and long using

    time. High quality, lowest maintenance.

● Suitable for symmetric alternative forms processing, deflection mobile and feed 

   synchronization could be completed at the same time. It(single-step migration) could save 

   material.(more than 1/4)

● Offset adopts high speed linear bearing, special handling on slide way, which has 4 

   features such as mute, high wear resistance, load friction and smooth movement.

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