After leveling the sheet metal it is still not flat – What can be done?
Three possible main causes are: If the sheet-metal part is still bent in the same direction as before leveling, then the levelers entry setting was set too soft The sheet-metal part is under-leveled. This can be fixed with a second pass through the leveler and a tighter entry setting. If the sheet-metal part is bent in the opposite direction than before leveling, the leveler was set too tight at the entry. The sheet-metal part is over-leveled. The operator should check if the exit value is set to the sheet-metal thickness and if necessary  open up the entry setting. It is also possible that the sheet-metal part simply cannot be leveled on this leveler type or size. The next thing to do check is whether the material can be leveled on a different leveler or whether the material cannot be leveled at all.

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