9.How to use the automatic decoiler to feed material
 1.Uncoiler has been set to standard in our factory: When metal coil strip touches the sensor rod, machine will stop at once. When coil
leaves the sensor rod for a few minutes (sensor time), the machine will start to work.

2.The Sensor time set short or long affects to the operating and service life for machine. You can adjust the sensor time on the control box. Returning the Knob can set the time you need. We set 3 seconds in the factory. The speed of straightener should correspond
to the speed of press when you set the sensor time. but the motor can not start very often.

3.If uncoiler speed can not match with the press speed, you should see if the uncoiler speed reach the press speed. If uncoiler speed
reach the press speed, please see if the sensor time is too long or contact supplier.

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